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Scan features current  research in information literacy in a complex learning environment, and implications for best practice.

The development of information literate students in a digital age is a key priority for teachers. The research encourages reflection on teaching practice and informs the implementation of quality teaching using an evidence based practice approach.

Submitting research articles

Articles submitted to or commissioned for Research in Scan are:

  1. submitted to the Scan Editor
  2. read to ensure their focus meets the journal's criteria
  3. sent to two referees
  4. sent to one or more additional reviewers as appropriate.


Articles must be:

  • research based, or an example of best practice
  • in keeping with an evidence based practice approach
  • original
  • of a scholarly standard
  • referenced adequately.

Research articles should include the following components:

  • the practice based problem that forms the research question(s)
  • literature review
  • aims/context/participants
  • methodology and procedures for gathering data
  • findings/conclusions
  • implications for practice.

For further assistance or information contact the Editor.



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