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Expressions of Interest are invited from teachers and teacher librarians who are interested in writing curriculum springboards for Scan. Curriculum springboards are developed from a resource idea and can be used as a catalyst to develop units of work. If you are interested in learning more about writing for Scan, please send an email to advising your curriculum expertise and your school.


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Volume 36, Issue 4, 2017

sunflowers "It's all lighted up, because this is a happy ending." Beginning critical literacy – young children's responses when reading image and text

Alicia Rankine and Dr. Jon Callow share their research project on critical literacy and picture books.

picture books Teaching mathematics through picture books.

Dr Catherine Attard provides ideas in how to use picture books in mathematics to develop problem solving.

mindMastering the art of digital scholarship: from mind to mind

Judy O'Connell presents a thought piece on digital scholarship and its implications for learners.

graphic novels Crossing cultural boundaries with graphic novels

Dr. Cathy Sly outlines ideas and English textual concepts in 2 graphic novels – Ubbys underdogs: the legend of the phoenix dragon and Shake a leg.

keyholeUnpacking future-focused learning and teaching.

Cathie Howe explains the link between future focused learning and STEM and provides examples of 2 projects.


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